In the early 1900’s a rail line was forged south along Florida’s west coast by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.They found the climate so attractive they hired the urban planner for New York’s Central Park, John Nolen, to create a retirement community for their union members.

Today, the Italian Renaissance architecture and Nolen’s beautifully landscaped parks and boulevards are what cause Venice to be an exception to most beach communities as it’s one of the first planned cities built in the United States.

Three bridges access the island’s downtown where sidewalks adjoin neighborhoods to quaint shops and services. Shaded green space and parks offer concerts and activities and the natural beauty of several undeveloped beaches remain a major attraction with “old Florida charm”.

Points of Interest…

Heritage Park
This linear park occupies the landscaped median of Venice Avenue from downtown to the Gulf of Mexico. The stately live oaks and Canary Island Date Palms are prominent features of this 52 acre open space.

Heckersher Park
This gathering place features a playground, tennis and basketball courts, lighted for nighttime play.

Centennial Park
Located between Venice and Tampa Avenues, the park’s gazebo is the site of frequent free jazz concerts and the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. The interactive fountain is a favorite of children of all ages and a great place to cool down on a hot day.

We invite you… to our little isle’s recreational parks and adventures, superb shopping, stunning beaches and award winning entertainment on your next vacation holiday.